Monday, 7 November 2011

[NEWS]T-ara, "SNSD-Wonder Girls competition? Choosing which group to support is fun"

Popular girl groups Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation are coming back at the same time, and T-ara has vowed to compete in good faith.

On the 19th, T-ara were shooting scenes for their two-part music video "Cry Cry" and "lovey-dovey". During the shooting, they sat down for an interview.

They said, "Unlike some rumors, the fact is that we are close to Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls sunbaes. With our three groups coming back at the same time and us all having three different colors, it'll be fun to watch and see which group fans will support."

T-ara member Eunjung said, "There isn't any sort of group showdown to us. We want to prove that T-ara is the best group at fitting in for our various concepts. Rather than a competition, we are trying to focus on being able to show our talents amongst them."

Hyomin said, "Because they'll also be on stage during us, we're a little worried about it, but it just makes us work harder. On the other hand, rather than competing with them on stage, we have the advantage (?) of being allowed with a bigger audience."

Despite having hard circumstances, Hyomin who is currently appearing in the drama "Gyebaek" and having overlapping activities in Japan with T-ara, preparing for a new album and shooting a new music video, said with a brave appearance, "I try to make schedule adjustments so that I can show up and complete and show what I need to."

Meanwhile, T-ara's 30-minute music video mini-drama featuring a story of fidelity will be released in the second half of November.

Source: Nate / Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

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