✮ Rules

✮  DO NOT HOTLINK any images from T7MY. Feel free to save them on your computer or reupload the images to (imageshacktinypicphotobucket, or any other sharing file)

✮ Definitely NO BASHING on  T-ara or any  individual members. If you are not happy or an anti dislike T-aramembers please take it outside T7MY. If you don’t follow this, you will be automatically banned from this site, this applies to both the blog and the forum.
 ✮ Respect all members of T7MY and any other fans that visit this site. Respect all idol groups, artists and their fans. Negative comments will NOT be tolerated.
• Respect others! Respect T-ara. Respect all artists and groups. Respect all fans.
• Be friendly and welcome new fans.
• We will NOT tolerate negativity on any level.
• No bashing or being overly critical.
• No claiming idols. We all have our biases but we don’t need or want any fan wars.
Let’s share our lovely girls and support them together.
• In ALL conversations, remain appropriate for all ages and use common sense.
We will now enforce a 3-Measure Warning System.
Those who do not follow the rules will receive;
• 1st Warning
• 2nd Warning
• 1 Week Suspension from shoutbox
• Permanent Ban from T7MY
Kindly read and follow the rules and we'll be happy ^_^. 
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